Junior High (6-8)

Junior High School

We have a departmentalized junior high school for students in grades 6-8. Each grade rotates after two hours of block instruction. Students take language arts, math, science, Spanish, religion, computers, history, and physical education. Interactive whiteboards are used in the middle school classrooms. Eighth grade students can participate in Student Council, yearbook, and are leaders of their student “families”. 


The junior high program is focused on preparing our students for high school, college, and beyond! Jr. high students have access to a rich, diverse, and rigorous education. Language Arts classes provide a strong emphasis on the writing process and strengthening a love for reading. Science instruction allows students to construct scientific understanding through exploration and experimentation. Mathematical problem solving skills are strengthened through the implementation of the common core curriculum. History and Religion are experienced through the use of thinking maps, Cornell notes, and alongside projects that make their learning relevant and meaningful.

Social Development

As our junior high students discover their gifts and talents, we teach students how to use these gifts and talents to serve God and their community. Our emphasis on problem solving, critical thinking, and social awareness is designed to prepare students contribute to their communities in relevant and meaningful ways.


Our rich, diverse, and rigorous curriculum incorporates thinking maps, Cornell notes, and socially-conscious projects to help prepare our students for high school, college, and beyond. The Language Arts program emphasizes the writing process, science instruction builds scientific understanding through exploration and experimentation, and math courses implement common core standards.

Faith Formation

The goal of faith formation is to create a positive experience of the Catholic Church for early adolescents by incorporating the Catholic Church’s vision of social justice and peace into the spiritual lives of pre-adolescents.

Saint Mary's School

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