Learning Center (Early Toddler/ Pre-K)

Nurturing Curiosity

Learning center families can look forward to a year of tremendous growth! The program nurtures our Learning Center students’ natural curiosities through hands-on activities and daily lesson plans designed to encourage the social, emotional, and cognitive development of our students. Children are allowed to explore their world through interactions with their peers, song, dance, and arts & crafts. Young learning center students also build the basic concepts of literacy and numbers through guided instruction.

Our goal is to prepare students to enter and excel in Kindergarten. The Learning Center not only provides students with a solid foundation in literature, science, math, religion, and the arts, but also the skills important to conducting oneself with confidence, independence, and respect for others.

Building Self-Confidence

At Saint Mary’s, we believe that self-confidence is key to a positive learning experience. By helping students see their contributions as valuable and worthwhile, we foster a sense of belonging among our students and help them see themselves as capable learners. We also encourage our students to explore their world and not be afraid of making mistakes as they learn new skills.

  •  Belonging
  •  Resilience
  •  Self-Esteem
  •  Creativity

Our teachers respect, listen to, and respond readily to our early learner needs. We celebrate the small steps along the way to bigger goals, emphasizing the process of discovery as well as the final product, and encourage each child to exercise his or her talents.

Fostering Creativity

St Mary’s strongly believes in the value of creativity and self-expression. We encourage our young artists to discover themselves through song, dance, and other forms of artistic expression.

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