Spanish Program

Bilingual Program

Research has shown that students who learn a second language show improved overall school performance and superior problem solving skills. Knowing a second language has a positive effect on intellectual growth and enhances a child’s mental development, produces students with more flexibility in critical thinking and greater sensitivity to language, improves children’s understanding and articulation of their primary language, and improves job opportunities in ALL careers. As a majority Latino-serving institution, we understand the community we serve and thus, beginning in Pre-K, incorporate Spanish as a core class in which students are immersed in the language daily.

10 Reasons to Be Bilingual

St. Mary’s firmly believes the importance of bilingual education to the understanding of self and community. Below are ten reasons, according to a Northern Illinois University study, to be bilingual:

  1. Edge in the Job Market
  2. Bigger Retirement Account
  3. Mastery of Native Language
  4. Better Travel Experiences
  5. Other Languages Come Easier
  6. Global Perspective
  7. Bigger Brain
  8. Sharper Memory
  9. Broader Education Options
  10. New-Found Meaning

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